Projects and Publications

Some projects we are involved in

  • Studying attenuation and the interaction of seismic waves with magma body boundaries to image magma concentrations beneath Uturuncu volcano, Boliva
  • Studying the seismic, infrasound, and plume characteristics of vulcanian eruptions at Sakurajima to better understand volcanic lightning
  • Mapping the bathymetry of the Blanco Transform Fault Zone
  • Studying the upper crust beneath Uturuncu Volcano, Bolivia, using
    receiver functions.  Specifically, looking for depths and thickness
    of the Altiplano Puna Magma Body under Uturuncu
  • Discriminating rocket-engine type based on seismic and infrasound data
  • GISMO: a MATLAB framework for seismic data analysis

Recent student publications

  • A. Farrell and S. R. McNutt, Seismic Attenuation, Time Delays and Raypath Bending of Teleseisms Beneath Cerro Uturuncu, Bolivia. Geosphere, February 2016
  • Pritchard, M.E., S. L. de Silva, G. Michelfelder, G. Zandt, S. R. McNutt, J.
    Gottsmann, M. E. West, J. Blundy, D. H. Christensen, N. J. Finnegan, E. Minaya, R. S.
    J. Sparks, M. Sunagua, M. J. Unsworth, C. Alvizuri, M. J. Comeau, R. del Potro,
    D. Díaz, M. Diez, A. Farrell, S. T. Henderson, J. A. Jay, T. Lopez, D. Legrand, J.
    A. Naranjo, H. McFarlin, D. Muir, J. P. Perkins, Z. Spica, A. Wilder, K. M. Ward, Introduction: PLUTONS: Investigating the Relationship Between Pluton Growth and Volcanism in the central Andes. submitted to Geosphere, Oct. 2016
  • Smith, C.M., S.R. McNutt and G. Thompson, Ground-Coupled Air Waves at Pavlof Vocano, Alaska and Their Potential for Eruption Monitoring, (2016) Bull. Volcanol., DOI: 10.1007/s00445-016-1045-0
  • George, O., McIlrath, J., McNiff, C., Farrell, A., Gallant, E., Kinman, S., Marshall, A., Njoroge, M., Wilson, J., Connor, C.B., Connor, L., Kruse, S. (2013) High-Resolution Ground-Based Magnetic Survey of a Buried Volcano: Anomaly B, Amargosa Desert, NV. Statistics in Volcanology

Recent professor publications

  • Hill, D.P., M.M. Mangan, and S.R. McNutt, Volcanic Unrest and Hazard Communication in Long Valley Caldera, California. 2016, in press, Springer-Verlag book

Recent Funding

  • From the USF College of Arts and Sciences - Seismic and infrasound characterization of rainfall-induced lahars in the Belham Valley on Montserrat, West Indies

  • From NSF - For the study of volcanic lightning at Sakurajima Volcano, Japan
  • From the German Center for Aviation and Space Flight - For discounted InSAR scenes of Uturuncu Volcano