2017-09-10: Hurricane Irma recorded on seismometer

Hurricane Irma came through the Tampa Bay area and was recorded on our seismometer!

The figure shows 6 days of data (one line per day): Wednesday and then Friday to Tuesday (Thursday was the M8 Mexico

earthquake and that has tons of signal obscuring the hurricane effect).

Filtered in 1-20 second pass-band. All traces have same scale. 0
for each trace is 00:00 UTC equal to 20:00 EDT. Irma passed over the
sensor early in Monday (EDT),
which is trace #4 from top and between the “2” and “3” on the x-axis (equal to ~1-4 am EDT).

Irma noise level is more than 10 times higher than “normal.”
Interesting to me is that the noise level was already pretty high for
most of Sunday (trace #3) and not much
different than during the peak winds.