Installing seismic software on MacOS-X

If you're using a Mac, you have to install these on your machine (or ask me to do it).

  • Antelope: version 5.3 is available on a CD for installation on Mac (ask Glenn). You will first need Mac Command Line Tools which you can get here. You will also need X11 which you can get here. Next, open an X11 (e.g. XQuartz) terminal and install Antelope with:
                      sudo /Volumes/Antelope_5.3/Install_antelope     

    Once this has installed, add the following line to your .bashrc file:

                      . /opt/antelope/5.3/ 

    Yes, you need to period that starts the line. It does the same thing as "source" in C-shell, i.e. it executes the filename that follows.

    During the install process you should have been prompted to register for a license. If you are on the Linux network, you don't need this. Just ask Glenn for a copy. If you are on a Mac and weren't asked, run register_antelope:


    You'll be prompted to type in some information. An email will be automatically sent to BRTT (creators of Antelope). And within a few hours you will probably receive a file back from BRTT which you must copy to your Antelope installation, e.g.:

                      sudo cp Downloads/ /opt/antelope/5.3/data/pf/        

  • ObsPy: For the Mac, download the dmg file from and install. Everything you need (including Python) is packaged in the dmg file.

  • MATLAB/GISMO: A disk image can be downloaded from Mac or Linux, use the UNIX image. To use the Geophysical Institute Seismic Matlab Objects (GISMO) toolbox, which includes Celso Reyes' waveform suite, I suggest you do this:
                       mkdir ~/src 
                       cd ~/src     
                       svn checkout gismotools  

    Then start MATLAB and edit your startup.m file. Your startup file is executed each time you restart MATLAB, so it sets your MATLAB environment, rather like a .bashrc or .cshrc file:

                       >> edit startup   

    Add the following line to it:


    Run startup again (or restart MATLAB). You should now be able to use any functions, classes and packages within the GISMO toolbox.

  • sac: Download from

  • Seisan: Download from

- Glenn, 2013/09/04